This project is for disseminating information about DREMS, and it also serves as a front page for the distribution site - if you need access or you want to become a developer, please register

To proceed, we suggest to start with the Wiki pages of this project. 

The DREMS code base includes a complete operating system kernel, various run-time service components, the model-based development toolchain, and documentation. This incorporates several large scale, open source packages. The part of the code base that was developed exclusively for this project is released under the MIT/X Open Source License. 

Development of the DREMS code base was supported by the DARPA System F6 program through NASA ARC. 

Contact: Gabor Karsai, gabor (dot) karsai (at) vanderbilt (dot) edu, (615) 343-7472, ISIS, PO Box 1829B, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235.